35 Indoor Swimming Pool Ideas That Make a Splash


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Indoor Swimming Pool Ideas

An indoor swimming pool is a pool that is built only inside a building. That is, this type of pool is always located inside the building. All types of adverse weather conditions cannot harm this type of pool. One can use it all year round in all types of weather and conditions. These types of pools have facilities for exercising. Our purpose in this article is to showcase 35 different indoor swimming pool ideas. From classic designs to modern designs; An idea of all types of designs will be provided here.

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Classic Indoor Swimming Pools

Many unique designs can now transform the classic indoor swimming pool. People can use them as aesthetic tools for various purposes. Skilled designers can use excellent designs, elegant colors, and high-quality materials to create wonderful indoor swimming pools. We will discuss some of the materials that designers can use to construct the pool.

For example:

Traditional Design:

Classic indoor swimming pools use traditional designs most of the time. This type of design evokes a sense of grandeur and elegance. For example, some classic pool designs use elements such as columns, arches, and intricate tilework.

Timeless Materials:

Classic indoor swimming pools often use marble and granite. Designers also use materials like travertine here. They use these materials not only for luxury but also because they are very popular due to their durability. These materials withstand stress well over the years.

Color Combinations:

Classic indoor swimming pools use a variety of color combinations. Designers use a combination of different colors to make the materials used in the pool more attractive. For example, a classic pool might include a neutral color palette. For example; There can be things like white or beige, color in tilework, or decoration.

Rustic Elements:

Classic indoor swimming pools can add a sense of warmth and charm. Designers can create a relaxing atmosphere with a classic pool and use wooden beams or stones, for example. Apart from these, designers use various types of vims or structures, including classical Roman designs.

Modern Indoor Swimming Pools - Internet Home Alliance

Modern Indoor Swimming Pools

Designers use many creative designs in modern indoor swimming pools. They can present indoor swimming pools more attractively by using many modern designs and applications. Below are some ideas about these. For example:

Glass walls:

Mostly, modern indoor swimming pools use glass walls. It increases the beauty of the pool many times. These walls create a seamless connection between indoors and outdoors. Such walls make use of natural light to complement the pools.

Unique Shapes:

Modern indoor swimming pools often have unique and unconventional shapes. For example; Asymmetric design or freeform shape is one of them. These unique shapes can make a nice attractive pool. It can use classic designs.

Smart Technology:

Modern indoor swimming pools often use smart technologies as it has become commonplace nowadays. Temperature control devices in particular are increasingly popular. In addition, people use devices to monitor water levels and quality. It is not the case that such applications only provide convenience. Rather, they help a lot in maintaining the quality and cleanliness of the pool.

Minimalist Decor:

People often decorate modern indoor swimming pools with some sort of decor. Neutral color palettes play a more effective role in decorating an indoor swimming pool. Plays a very important role in creating a clean and tidy environment. Designers use many unique designs in modern indoor swimming pools. They also organize different types of lighting systems, which make the surrounding environment very nice.

Indoor-Outdoor Swimming Pools - Internet Home Alliance

Indoor-Outdoor Swimming Pools

Building indoor-outdoor swimming pools has a different appeal among homeowners. Nowadays these types of pools are becoming very popular. This is a great idea for those who want to enjoy the best moment in their home. They can be utilized persistently over time. Indoor swimming pools play an important role as an alternative to swimming in summer. Some details are given below:

Retractable Roof:

All swimming pools, whether outdoor or indoor, usually have a protective roof. Which can be kept open or closed as needed. An indoor swimming pool can be the best way to exercise as well. Earlier its demand was not so much but now its demand is constantly increasing. These types of pools can be used in any adverse environment.

Sliding Glass Door:

Indoor swimming pools often have sliding glass doors. They can be opened or shut on a case-by-case basis. It plays the best role in creating an open environment. You can use these types of doors as per your need as well as leave them open. You can keep it open when you need more space.

Seamless Integration:

Designers create indoor-outdoor swimming pools to seamlessly integrate indoor and outdoor spaces, creating a cohesive and harmonious environment. They often repeat the materials and design elements used in the pool area in the outdoor space, creating a cohesive aesthetic.

Swimming all year round:

If you think naturally, somewhere you can swim all year round might not be possible. The reason is that there is no environment like swimming all year round. Sometimes the environment is favorable and sometimes the environment is unfavorable. On the other hand, you can relax in the indoor swimming pool throughout the year. Weather will not be your problem. In other words, you can spend winter and summer in any environment in any condition. Also, indoor swimming pools play an important role in exercise therapy.

Luxury Indoor Swimming Pools - Internet Home Alliance

Luxury Indoor Swimming Pools

Luxury indoor swimming pools are becoming very popular among discerning people these days. These pools offer a luxurious swimming experience. Designers design these types of indoor swimming pools to provide an excellent swimming experience. They tend to be more expensive than other conventional pools designed. Here are some ideas on luxury pools. For example:


One of the most attractive features of a luxury indoor swimming pool is having a cascading waterfall. Such waterfalls provide a soothing and peaceful environment. Moreover, you can use this type of waterfall to create a spa-like experience in your own home. Designers can modify the structure of these waterfalls based on the design of the pool. Many tasteful homeowners add some rocks to the side of the indoor swimming pool to create such a waterfall, which is more attractive to see. Apart from these, many people like to create a natural environment by adding many materials including different stones, and wood.

Built-in Spa:

Another popular feature of luxury indoor swimming pools is a built-in spa. A spa area with various hydrotherapy jets serves to relax swimmers. It can provide a variety of benefits, from improved circulation to stress relief. Some luxury built-in spas have multiple levels. There are also infinite edges and complex lighting designs.

Underwater Lighting:

One of the best features of a luxury indoor swimming pool is the underwater lighting. You can use this method if you want to light up your pool with underwater lights. This is another popular feature of luxury indoor swimming pools. It can create a mesmerizing and wonderful atmosphere. Homeowners use different types of underwater lighting systems for their perfect swimming experience. They can control these lighting systems remotely or even through a smartphone.

Surround Sound:

Finally, surround sound is a must-feature in luxury indoor swimming pools. Audio systems can enhance the mood and atmosphere of your pool area. This sound system plays an important role in creating a complete sensory experience. Designers can integrate these surround sound systems into walls or ceilings. You can listen to different types of music or audio while swimming

Small Indoor Swimming Pools - Internet Home Alliance

Small Indoor Swimming Pools

Small indoor swimming pools are a popular option for swimming. For those who want to have a pool in their home but have limited space, it is very functional. These pools can provide a good quality swimming experience. Although there is less space than in a large pool, there is no problem with cutting the water. Here are some ideas about small indoor swimming pools. For example:

Lap Pools:

Lap pools are generally long and narrow. Designers design them for swimmers and they are very effective for those who want to do a limited workout. These pools play a great role for fitness enthusiasts. Lap pools are usually at least 40 feet in length, but can sometimes be smaller. Some homeowners add a current generator to provide better service. This creates a current to swim against. It becomes much more enjoyable.

Hydrotherapy Pool:

One of the indoor swimming pools is the hydrotherapy pool. They are designed to provide therapeutic benefits. For example, they are very effective in improving circulation, reducing stress, and aiding in injury recovery. These pools are usually small in size. Also, the built-in hydrotherapy jets work well. They are very beneficial for the body. Hydrotherapy pools can be equipped with underwater lighting.

Plunge Pools:

Plunge pools are smaller in size and deeper than indoor swimming pools. Designers do not originally make them for cutting swimming. Rather, they design them to cool the body. These types of pools are usually 5 to 8 feet long and can be as deep as 7 feet. Plunge pools can be a great option for those who want a refreshing dip without the need for a large swimming pool.

Space-saving design:

Small indoor swimming pools can be designed to save space without function. There are many options available for space-saving design. Adding a swim jet system to these will make cutting your swimming much easier. Moreover, its use results in a glassy surface, which looks like a mirror. Tasteful homeowners prefer this type of indoor swimming pool.

Indoor Swimming Pools for Fitness

If you want to be fit and active all year round, an indoor swimming pool can be an excellent option for you. Indoor swimming pools designed for fitness generally have a few distinct features. For example:

Resistance Jets:

Resistance jets are devices in water, which create current. Swimming against the current is a different experience. These jets are adjustable, allowing swimmers to increase or decrease resistance as needed. Designers often use resistance jets in small pools or lap pools, but they can also add them to larger pools to create a more challenging workout.


In the case of indoor swimming pools, underwater treadmills offer a unique way to exercise while in the water. Designers design these treadmills to be used while standing or walking in water. Creates a low-impact workout that’s easy on the joints. Underwater treadmills can be a great option for them.

Swim Instructor:

Designers design this type of indoor swimming pool for swim instructors to provide a challenging swim workout in a small space. These machines use a harness and bungee cord to hold swimmers in place. When they swim against the resistance of the bungee cord it plays a good role. Swim instructors often use small pools or lap pools. Also uses different tools.

Underwater Cameras:

Swimmers use underwater cameras to analyze their technique. Provides various feedback and instructions to improve their swimming skills. Designers connect these cameras to a computer or tablet, which helps swimmers see their technique in real-time and adjust as needed.

Indoor Swimming Pools for Entertainment

Indoor swimming pools can provide a great recreational experience for family and friends. Here are some features commonly found in indoor swimming pools designed for recreation:


Slides can be a fun addition to any indoor swimming pool. The indoor swimming pool provides a thrilling ride for swimmers of all ages They come in different shapes and sizes. They can be customized to match the design of the pool and surrounding area.

Diving Boards:

Diving boards are a classic feature of swimming pools.  And provide a fun and exciting way to jump into the water. They come in different shapes and materials. Some are designed for different competitions. Moreover, the rest are used for entertainment purposes.

Water Basketball:

Water basketball is a fun game to play with family and friends in the pool. A basketball hoop can be installed next to the pool. These balls are designed to float on water. This game of indoor swimming pool can provide hours of entertainment and exercise for all ages.

Pool Tables:

Pool tables are a popular feature for indoor swimming pool areas. They provide a fun and competitive game to play with family and friends They can be installed on the pool deck or in a separate game room area.

Eco-Friendly Indoor Swimming Pools

Indoor swimming pools can consume a lot of energy and resources. However, there are some eco-friendly alternatives available, which help reduce their environmental impact. Environmentally friendly indoor swimming pools have certain characteristics. For example:

Solar Heating:

To collect sunlight and convert it into heat. Sun-powered chargers can be introduced on the top of the structure. They provide a sustainable source of energy to heat the pool water. This reduces dependence on traditional heating systems. This outcome in lower energy bills and a decreased carbon impression.

Natural Materials:

Natural materials can be used in the design of the pool and surrounding area. For example; Using wood or stone can reduce the pool’s environmental impact. Natural materials require less energy to produce. Also, they are very durable. They minimize the additional impact on the environment.

Energy-Efficient Equipment:

Energy-efficient pumps, filters, and lighting significantly reduce the energy consumption of an indoor swimming pool. These pieces of equipment use less energy than traditional equipment. Accordingly, less cash is spent.

Chemical-free filtration:

Chemical-free filtration can be provided. For example, ionization or ozone systems, traditional chlorine or bromine systems can be used. They can provide an eco-friendly alternative. These systems use natural ingredients to sanitize water. Reduces the need for harsh chemicals and reduces the pool’s environmental impact. They play a very useful role in indoor swimming pools.


Indoor swimming pools are an extraordinary expansion to any home. They offer recreation, exercise, relaxation, and luxury all year round. You can choose a classic, modern, luxury, small, fitness, recreational, or eco-friendly indoor swimming pool. These will increase the beauty of your home manifold.



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