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Although there are many reasons why owners decide to perform home decoration works on their homes, it’s all about valuing the property with renovation projects. Whether painting, landscape design, or total home renovation, the goal is to make the house more beautiful or more valuable.

For some owners, spending an exorbitant amount on renovation projects is simply not feasible. Instead of exhausting your savings by renovating your home, consider small-scale changes that can completely transform your space.

Lighting Pieces - Home Decoration

Lighting Pieces | Home Decoration:

An easy and economical trick to make a division of your home look more attractive is to incorporate interesting and expressive lighting pieces. Think of lighting as “the jewelry of the room,” which will complement a space as if it were a high costume. Prioritize pieces with interesting details in shape, finish or design, which will attract attention and that will stand out in your room. Organize the lighting in different heights and sizes of lamps, to create a dramatic effect and eliminate unleashing shadows. Choose LED lamps because they are economical and energy-efficient, as well as durable, eliminating the effort to replace lamps frequently.

Mirror - Home Decoration


Mirrors and lighting go hand in hand; some strategically positioned mirrors, combined with the perfect lighting, can create the illusion that your space is much larger than it really is. Simply hang a mirror in front of a light source, such as a window or lamp, to create that illusion. Take advantage of this trick by hanging mirrors of various sizes and shapes, creating an eclectic and artistic design on your walls. If simplicity is your aesthetic style of choice, a large, unique mirror can create a sophisticated pointing on the wall.

Minimalist Approach | Home Improvement:

When you want to make your home look more expensive, follow the minimalist approach of “less is more” while decorating your home with furniture and accessories. The abundance of pieces makes the space look smaller and more crowded. The right amount of furniture combined with simple and good quality accessories will value the space.

Curtains - Home Decoration


There are other strategies for valuing the house. For example, hanging curtains near the ceiling will create a luxurious and sophisticated appearance, as the long curtain will give the illusion that the division is higher than it actually is.


When putting a few pillows in the living room, it creates a comfortable and elegant environment. Try choosing a few pillows with funny, but minimal designs, also betting on smooth pillows in suitable tones.


Carpets help to make any space more welcoming and inviting, and can be the final detail in the decoration of your room or bedroom. Make sure your carpet is suitable for the place where it will be placed, because using too small carpets may depreciate the space. If you want to put furniture on the carpet, make sure that the size is the right for the type of furniture. For example, in the dining room, the chairs should have one meter of carpet behind each and the furniture should have at least two front legs on the carpet.


When repairing the house, it is common to paint the walls. Also consider giving a new life to existing furniture with a painting. Start by looking at the oldest parts of your home. Do the colors of the cabinet contradict the color scheme of your kitchen? Buy a can of ink and try painting it with a neutral color, such as gray. Follow the same principle with any other outdated piece in your home. For example, older or unattractive wooden furniture can gain another life with paint in shades of gray or white.

Kitchen Renovation:

It is not necessary to spend thousands of dollars on a kitchen renovation. You can simply change some finishes (box pullers, for example), stylish details that will surely stand out in the division. Do the same on the pullers of the furniture of the bedroom, the living room and even the bathroom. It has a low cost and makes a big difference. Ferragens stores, markets or antique stores are great places to get stylish and unique but affordable pullers.

Plants and Flowers - Home Decoration

Plants and Flowers:

Plants and flowers are an easy and inexpensive way to add a touch of color and texture to various divisions of your home. Using a decorative vase, full of flowers, adds a level of hospitality and comfort to your space. If you are looking for more neutral colors in your home, try buying plants, which not only allow for more decorative opportunities but are also easy to treat.

Economical Upgrades | Small-Scale Changes:

Incorporate some quick and economical upgrades to the outside of your home that will have a bigger impact. For example, painting the front door with a bold color will give your home something unique, such as a signature. But don’t stay there. You can also highlight the number of the door: putting large numbers and with an elegant finish that complements the colour palette that you have on the outside is another easy approach to raise the value of your home.


Home decoration projects are often seen as a way to increase the value of your property. While major renovations can be expensive, there are many small-scale changes you can make that will completely transform your space. Incorporating interesting lighting pieces, hanging mirrors, and using plants and flowers are just a few examples of inexpensive ways to add value to your home. The key is to focus on simple, high-quality pieces that complement your space without overwhelming it.


What is the goal of home decoration projects?

The goal of home decoration projects is to make your home more beautiful or more valuable.

Can home improvement projects be expensive?

Yes, home improvement projects can be expensive. However, there are many small-scale changes you can make that are affordable and will still add value to your home.

What are some inexpensive ways to add value to your home?

Inexpensive ways to add value to your home include incorporating interesting lighting pieces, hanging mirrors, using plants and flowers, and painting or updating furniture.

What should you focus on when making small-scale changes to your home?

When making small-scale changes to your home, focus on simple, high-quality pieces that complement your space without overwhelming it. Remember the minimalist approach of “less is more.”



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